evidence is the language and currency of life sciences
organisations need to be adept at converting evidence to commercial excellence
evidence-based training in support of commercial excellence
familiarity with evidential terms doesn't necessarily infer competency
validated programs which assess, train, and embed evidence-based skill sets
uniquely offers objectively measured evidential skills and competency
learn about our range of instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, e-learning and distance programs

Evident Education E-Learning Demonstrations

Introducing the New E-Learning Training Solutions in Evidence

Evident Education has developed a new range of e-learning solutions to provide timely and cost effective training. Convenience of access is combined with the advantages of controlled and consistent delivery of engaging interactive content.

Learning is reinforced through Q&A exercises that need to undertaken for participants to work through and complete the entirety of the program. Our Scorm compliant LMS enables training managers the ability to schedule, monitor and report in a very user friendly real time format on relevant statistics. The modular program allows for the selection of discrete modules to meet specific needs

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Introduction to the Foundations of GEvP Online for Medical Affairs

Full length - 4hrs excluding quizzes and hyperlinks

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Foundations of GEvP Online for Medical Affairs

(Full length - 75mins excluding quizzes and hyperlinks)

An Introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of Good Evidential Practice (GEvP) for Medical Affairs representatives. Also explains the critical role that evidence plays in life sciences and its relevance and application in pharmaceutical Medical Affairs.


Foundations of GEvP Online for Medical Affairs

(Full length - 120mins
excluding quizzes and

Study Designs the Building Blocks of Evidence: exploring major study designs and determining whether the design chosen fits the research question. Identifying some of the more important potential biases and limitations of each study design and recognising the drivers of different study design choices. Implications and opportunities for appraising comparator claims.
Foundations of GEvP Online for Medical Affairs

(Full length - 90mins excluding quizzes and hyperlinks)

Numerical Language of Evidence: going into more depth about statistical inference and analyses and more detail on the interpretation of statistical measures covered in Module 2 on Study Designs.
Foundations of GEvP Online for Medical Affairs

(Full length - 120mins
excluding quizzes and hyperlinks)

Appraising the Quality of the Evidence: applying a systematic approach to reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of evidence through the process of critical appraisal.