evidence is the language and currency of life sciences
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evidence-based training in support of commercial excellence
familiarity with evidential terms doesn't necessarily infer competency
validated programs which assess, train, and embed evidence-based skill sets
uniquely offers objectively measured evidential skills and competency
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In recognition of the industry need to obtain records of training activity completion and professional development standards achieved, Evident provides the following certifications:

Professional development certification for competency in GEvP

Certificates of competency in GEvP based on the standards achieved as measured through the Assessor 30 minute on-line test. Assessor is a university validated assessment methodology that assesses candidate performance against prescribed standards.

Assessor testing is normally included as a pre and post Evident training outcome assessment activity and can be undertaken separately through individual public on-line access or as part of company organised group assessment independent of Evident training activity.

Certificates of competency are issued according to the standards achieved as follows:

  • Certificate of Competency
    for achievement of a 50-64% score.

  • Certificate of Competency - Credit
    for achievement of a 65-79% score.

  • Certificate of Competency - Distinction
    for achievement of 80% score or greater.

Awards will be made in accordance with Evident’s international accreditation under ANSI/IACET Standards for Continuing Education and Training planned for Q2 2018.