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Verification of Qualification Request

Evident’s Academy offers a Verification of Qualification service to employers and other external organisations wanting confirmation that a candidate has completed an Evident program or has studied at Evident Education.

What information will we provide and how? We will email you confirming the student’s:
  • program of study
  • the start and end dates of study
  • the minimum full-time duration of study for that program
  • the matriculation details (if applicable)

No other information will automatically be provided.

If, the candidate has provided you with an academic statement or transcript which you wish to verify, you should attach these documents with the student’s signed consent. We will confirm whether the documents are authentic and match our records. This service is available for both matriculated and students who have yet to matriculate.

Other information

Providing as much detail as possible will reduce our response time:

  • Providing the student ID number or an Evident statement or transcript
  • Including all possible enrolment names on the request form
  • Including the full date of birth (we cannot search by date of birth but we need the date to confirm we have the correct student)
  • Including the full name of the qualification(s)
  • Your contact details
  • The reason for your request

We process the requests in order of receipt and aim to respond within 3 working days. (Our office is closed Saturdays). There is a fee for priority requests (processed within 24 hours) which must be paid by credit card (currently $60).

If you wish to have a qualification that has been completed at Evident Education or a student enrolment verified, please email your request to EEadmin@evidentgrp.com