evidence is the language and currency of life sciences
organisations need to be adept at converting evidence to commercial excellence
evidence-based training in support of commercial excellence
familiarity with evidential terms doesn't necessarily infer competency
validated programs which assess, train, and embed evidence-based skill sets
uniquely offers objectively measured evidential skills and competency
learn about our range of instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, e-learning and distance programs
Evident’s Academy of Senior Tertiary Lecturers
and Presenters

Evident’s evidence-based training programs are developed and delivered in collaboration with leading tertiary institutions and experienced Industry representatives & decision makers.

To achieve consistency of result our programs are finely tuned and our senior lecturers are chosen as recognised professionals in their field as well accomplished presenters.

Many of our lecturers are also actively involved in applied clinical research in addition to their working experience in training to the industry through our programs.

Our faculty is overseen by internationally recognised program directors and a leadership board with professional review of the curriculum to ensure that ongoing industry needs and standards are being met.

Our collaborators and partners include leading tertiary and research centres such as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Imperial College of London and in Australasia through the Universities of Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales and Auckland and in South Africa through the University of Cape Town.

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