evidence is the language and currency of life sciences
organisations need to be adept at converting evidence to commercial excellence
evidence-based training in support of commercial excellence
familiarity with evidential terms doesn't necessarily infer competency
validated programs which assess, train, and embed evidence-based skill sets
uniquely offers objectively measured evidential skills and competency
learn about our range of instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, e-learning and distance programs

Why is our approach to training in this area so effective and unique?

One off training provides peaks in learning which quickly wane without follow-up.

To address this deficiency, we adopted a more comprehensive training approach that focuses on the achievement of sustainable competency in GEvP to desired levels.

In support of this philosophy we have developed a unique and flexible training approach as depicted below:

Evident Education Advisory Approach

This requires the establishment of target objectives that evaluates improvement from baseline pre-training measures using the Assessor testing methodology. Evident is unique in providing industry benchmarked competency measures in GEvP.

Training can be delivered in face to face instructor led and/or through on-line self paced training that best suit client circumstances.

Practical consolidation of theory is obtained through critical appraisal provided through instructor led or on-line formats. Clients can choose the clinical papers of greatest relevance to deliver relevant product knowledge as well as training in the applied skill sets.

Objective based training outcomes sustainable competency building programs

This modular approach is designed to provide flexible training programs that can be tailored to meet specific client training needs.

Evident will work with department heads and training managers to build highly customised solutions to achieve training outcome objectives and particular client circumstances.

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