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What is Assessor and how was it developed?

The challenge facing management is being able to assess the effectiveness of their training and correlating this with improved commercial outcomes.

This is why Evident, in collaboration with Industry and its academic partners, has developed the Assessor training assessment and evaluation tool. Through the Assessor pharmaceutical testing standard your organisation can assess the standard in scientific proficiency gained through its ongoing training and professional development.

Assessor is a 30mins university validated test assessment conducted via the internet that tests student understanding of the core competencies in applied pharmaceutical epidemiology.

The questions are designed to test proficiency in three main areas of core competency:
Study design, errors & biases; Numerical language of evidence; Appraising and assessing the quality of published studies.

The test is designed to apply to sales, marketing and medical affairs.

Assessor has been three years in development and has involved a number of international leading tertiary institutions. The process of questionnaire refinement has involved thousands of Evident pre and post training assessments. Psychometric analysis and validation was performed to ensure internal consistency of the questions and delivery of consistent and reliable results.

Reporting has been designed to be informative and customisable. Companies can view individual and class results against their class training cohort and progressive industry statistics including by job function, level of education and years in industry. Individuals can view their own result relative to their training class and chosen company standards and industry statistics.

Enabling Superior Competency in GEvP

Although considered a fundamental industry aptitude, historically, skills development in evidence has largely been acquired through on the job learning and the occasional company training.

More recent evidence suggests that core competency in GEvP can be significantly increased and that there is indeed an industry opportunity to further improve operating performance and subsequent competitive advantage. The development of Assessor offers a new paradigm in pharmaceutical training and professional development. It is now possible to adopt a comprehensive learning & development approach; including for example:

  • New Recruitment Screening (Do new candidates have the right skills)
  • Setting internal standards or goals in core competency (by function and job type)
  • Identifying future training needs (to reach desired core competency standards)
  • Ongoing measurement and assessment (to ensure standards are being maintained)

Superior competency in GEvP through continuous monitoring

Developing and maintaining core competencies in GEvP can now be part of an ongoing or continuous learning & development process.

One off training provides peaks in learning which quickly wane without follow-up. Evident recommends that a continuous training program in GEvP that focuses on the achievement of competency target levels over a set period of time e.g. 6-12 months.

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