evidence is the language and currency of life sciences
organisations need to be adept at converting evidence to commercial excellence
evidence-based training in support of commercial excellence
familiarity with evidential terms doesn't necessarily infer competency
validated programs which assess, train, and embed evidence-based skill sets
uniquely offers objectively measured evidential skills and competency
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sales managers





Build a technically strong sales team that is more confident and in command of the evidential subject matter when selling from clinical papers.

Evident’s in-house evidence-based skills and competency training programs for sales are designed to provide a fundamental understanding of how to read and interpret scientific evidence.

Evident’s approach includes identifying prevailing team member competencies and providing the training programs and resources to achieve desired levels of technical proficiency & confidence; including the following professional development outcomes:

  set and achieve competency standards of technical excellence based on internal or external benchmark levels
  improve the ability to engage in meaningful
dialogue and obtain more face to face time
with healthcare professionals.
  provide the foundations of understanding how to handle evidenced-based enquiry
with confidence & knowledge
  ultimately become more persuasive
and effective in conversing in
evidence-based selling situations

Developed over 15 years of industry training with over 4,000 training events involving most of the pharma MNCs, our programs are practical and industry orientated. Change behaviours and results with powerful workshop programs and multimedia tools.